Tutoring Blended With Project Based Learning─ A Hands On Approach!

Tutoring With A Twist is how we are revolutionizing the tutoring industry! Students learn by working with professional STEM teachers to find their passion and engage in hands-on activities to build skills and achieve their goals. Students engage in small groups, exchange ideas, express differences, and share learning styles. As a result, learners build collaboration and communication skills.

Differentiated Learning

Differentiated learning is how we are revolutionizing the tutoring industry! We customized each student’s experience based on their interest and tailored it to their specific academic needs and goals! Clearly and carefully creating an authentic experience for each student to accelerate their progress.

Project-based Math

Project-based math is how we reinforce students’ mastery, accelerate student progress, and boost higher-order thinking! Coherent progression of mathematical concepts and hands-on projects ensures optimal learning and achievement for students who struggle with mathematics.

Hands-on Science

Hands-on Science is our twist to involving students in a total learning experience, i.e. learn by doing! Make it, bake it, or build it activities enhance students’ ability to think critically rely on evidence, and ensures optimal learning and achievement for students who struggle with science.

Ready to Read

We take reading to a new level of engagement with impactful reading activities! Students engage in arts and craft projects that bring stories to life. Our secret sauce to reading comprehension and fluency. Ready to read? Let’s do it!

6 Reasons to Tutor With A Twist?

  1. Students explore and learn by doing.
  2. Work with an instructor to find their passion.
  3. Engage in hands-on activities to create, make, and build rockets, airplanes,  boats, slime, and other fun projects to meet their learning goals.
  4. Empower students from very different backgrounds to befriend each other and break biases.
  5. Flexible scheduling.
  6. Affordable and effective group sessions.

      You Choose We Deliver!

      • PRICING:     Starting at $15 /session
      • GRADES:     K-8th
      • PROGRAM:  Online Small Group Activities | One Hour Workshops!
      • TOOLS:         Materials are mailed to you  or downloaded.