K-8th STEM Enrichment Programs

The Kids N Tech STEM Enrichment Programs engage K- 8th-grade learners in creative, hands-on, inquiry-based, exploratory STEM activities that build communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.
Kids N Tech afterschool and summer camps are academic programs that help to close the opportunity gaps for underserved and underrepresented students.
The after-school programs align with national, international, and next-generation science education standards that provide opportunities for students to participate in hands-on STEM activities and practice inquiry-based avenues of exploration. A combination of Project-based learning, where students work on real-world problems that requires STEM principles to make a tangible product and Inquiry-based learning, where students are required to expound on questions that focus on outcomes as well as inspire student curiosity and build communication skills.

Kids N Tech summer camps is where learners bring their innovations to life! The original home of build your own PC and take it home! Learners make and take their STEM projects home. Including, computers, airplanes, rockets, boats, roller coasters, lip balm, eye shadow, lotion, and many other STEM and STEAM projects. KNT summer camps blend design, problem-solving, diverse thinking, and problem-solving to encourage students to collaborate, think critically, and build business development skills.

In line with state, national, and Next Generation Science Standards, KNT STEM programs seek to attain three goals through hands-on activities: Increase learners’ competence in STEM, nurture their enthusiasm for STEM subjects, and connect science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to their daily lives.

We have made it easy for you to bring STEM enrichment to your students, wherever they are, at home or in school!

Interactive Project-based Learning

KNT virtual project-based learning activities provide opportunities for students to participate in hands-on STEM activities and practice inquiry-based avenues of exploration. Students connect through fun interactive  STEM activities that are worth sharing. KNT’s hybrid curriculum aligns with the school-day curriculum and provides an opportunity to use technology in project activities.

Affordable Enrichment Programs

Affordable activities that fit into your grant program budget.

Relax! We Got You Covered

Our comprehensive STEM programs include the resources and support needed to be successful online and in the classroom. We help you design, adapt and implement innovative learning online or in your classroom. Including individual STEM kits, STEM and Technology Notebooks for each student to journal their innovations.  Kits may be picked up or mailed to your door.


Project-based Workshops

Make A STEAM Boat that Floats

Grades K-5: One Hour Session. Students will be challenged to design and build a sailboat following the engineering design process. Discovering how to use a systematic approach to design and build.

Aerodynamics The Science of Air

Grades K-5: One Hour Session. In this workshop, students are challenged to design and assemble an airplane that flies far and straight.! Students will make an airplane while learning the fundamentals of aerodynamics.

Make a Balloon Powered Car                                                 
Grades 3-5: One Hour Session. Students will be challenged to build and test a balloon-powered car. Students will learn to use a systematic approach to design and build.• Exploring Newton Laws.

Discover Robotics & Programming

GRADES 6-8 (Six Sessions): Students will learn how to program robots in the C program language for Robots. Students will learn robotics and programming in a high-end virtual environment that enables students to learn to program using virtual robots!


GRADES K-2: This fun workshop introduces students to complex STEAM concepts with 3D printing projects that encourage innovation. Students explore, and create 3D objects!

Beginner Video Game Coding


GRADES 3-5:  One Hour Session. In this session, students explore an adventure game and computer science program that teach advanced coding skills! Students are challenged to read and follow instructions to solve gaming challenges.

Introduction to 2D Animation

GRADES K-2: One Hour Session. This session introduces early learners to animation, using the visual coding programming language Scratch. …learn more

Coding and Video Game Design

GRADES 6-8 (Six Sessions) Middle school students will learn how to develop a game that can be shared and played with friends…learn more

Start a Successful YouTube Channel

GRADES 6-8 (Six Sessions) Students will learn how to start a successful YouTube channel! Learn how to make high-quality videos, build creativity and communication skills…learn more