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Kids-N-Technology®, is a pioneer in STEM enrichment. Over 16 years and counting, Kids-N-Technology®, has been shaping, redefining, growing, and blazing the trail in STEM. KNT blends hands-on technology, real world problem solving, exploration and play, with leadership, communication, and creative thinking skills.

Club Details

Kids In Technology’s School Based Clubs are STEM and STEAM enrichment clubs that engages students in creating, designing, making, and building innovative projects and taking them home! Clubs are competitive and entrepreneurial-based. Students have the option to compete in local and national STEM Competitions as well as market their innovations to the world!

STEM or STEAM Choose Your Club

Kids-N-Tech Club

High-tech coed clubs that focus on Computer Science. Students learn how to Program, write Code; Build Robots, Design Games, and Create Animations using professional software. Activities implemented are based on your students skill level.

Girls Pursuing Science Elite (GPS-Elite)

GPS-Elite introduce girls to advance math and science through cosmetic chemistry. Girls make their own organic bath and body products. Girls learn how to brand and market their own product line. The GPS-Elite Curriculum includes applied mathematics, pre-chemistry, and entrepreneurship. Each girl receives a Chemistry Kit,  Lab Jacket, and Safety Glasses!  GPS-Elite…”The Beauty of Science“. Click Here to learn more.