Innovative Summer Camps

Kids N Technology creates unforgetable summers of thrilling and immersive STEM learning and fun!

Our technology summer camps offer a unique opportunity for kids to get their hands on some of the coolest technology and engineering tools available and unleash their creativity and problem-solving skills.

Kids N Tech esports summer camps engage campers in competitive gaming while developing critical thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. Our STEMStart program for early learners provides hands-on activities and experiments to spark their curiosity and love for STEM. Meanwhile, our STEMStart program for middlehigh school students focuses on robotics, coding, and engineering activitieses that prepare campers for future success in STEM careers.

From Esports Gaming to Game Development with Minecraft and Roblox, or coding virtual robots with Scratch, campers are amazed at the endless possibilities of what they can create, make, and take home!

Build, Make, and Take Home!

Unforgettable summer experiences begin with hands-on STEM. Explore the exciting world of STEM through hands-on projects like building boats, creating balloon-powered cars, and launching rockets! Develop your coding skills using Scratch Visual Coding Programs. STEM start your summer with hands-on science technology engineering and math!

A Hands-On Approach To STEM

Kids N Technology is all about empowering kids to unleash their full potential! We believe that every child is unique and deserves a personalized experience that’s tailored to their individual interests, skills, and future goals. Our project-based camps are the perfect place to let your child’s creativity run wild while developing essential critical thinking and collaboration skills. It’s an unforgettable summer of fun and learning, where your child can explore the exciting world of STEM in a supportive and engaging environment. It’s a summer full of new discoveries, new friends, and endless opportunities for growth!

STEM by Design

Hands-on, real-world STEM activities, solving real-world problems and challenges. Campers follow the engineering design process to explore problems and develop real-world solutions.

Passionate STEM Educators

Interviewed, tested, and vested, our educators enjoy being at the cutting edge of education. Teaching with knowledge, energy, and persistence, we create a dynamic STEM summer.

Low Student-to-Instructor Ratio

Guarantees personalized learning and campers gain a deeper understanding of STEM, become innovative critical thinkers, learn how to approach and solve problems, and develop a Sense of ethics and social conscience.

Campers work in teams to build collaboration skills and to create, make, and take their projects home!

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