STEMSUMMERS begin with hands-on activities!  BUILD, MAKE, AND TAKE IT HOME! 

Children have a blast creating cool summer projects that include making boats, balloon-powered cars, and building rockets! Developing games and coding virtual robots using Scratch Visual Coding Programs. STEMstart your child’s summer with hands-on science technology engineering and math!

A Hands-On Approach To STEM

Our mission at Kids N Tech is to provide your child with the very best personalized experience based on their interests, skills, and goals of the future. In our project-based camps, we encourage creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.

STEM by Design

Hands-on, real-world STEM activities, solving real-world problems and challenges. Campers follow the engineering design process to explore problems and develop real-world solutions. 

Passionate STEM Educators 

Interviewed, tested, and vested, our educators enjoy being at the cutting edge of education. Teaching with knowledge, energy, and persistence, we create a dynamic STEM summer.

Low Student-to-Instructor Ratio

Guarantees personalized learning and campers gain a deeper understanding of STEM, become innovative critical thinkers, learn how to approach and solve problems, and develop a Sense of ethics and social conscience.

Campers work in teams to build collaboration skills and to create, make, and take their projects home!