Esports vindicate any teenager that has been told “you spend too much time playing video games”. Esports is competitive electronic video gaming and the fastest-growing additions to high school athletic departments. Esports brings the same benefits of traditional sports — camaraderie, academic accountability, and college scholarships. PressPlay™ is preparing students to compete and win big careers in the esports industry. Gamers learn, train, and play hard to develop critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills that propels academic excellence.


PressPlay™ is a STEM and STEAM academic program that is led by professional educators and esports coaches. Learners meet monthly to challenge their peers to learn critical thinking, team building, and communication skills. Each session includes STEM content that helps gamers balance esports with academic excellence. Gamers meet monthly to challenge their peers to learn critical thinking, team building, and communication skills. Each session includes project based gaming activities that help learners to balance esports with school and other academic commitments.
The PressPlay™ curriculum trains gamers as global leaders and winners in the esports industry. Kids N Tech’s comprehensive esports curriculum includes esports gaming, game design, and storyboarding.



Academic excellence, skill development, and career development are the cornerstones of the Kids N Tech’s PressPlay STEM Curriculum. Our extensive esports curriculum includes game play, game design, and content development. Through practice and preparation, students learn to play games with strategy, develop games, create graphics, and develop content. Kids N Tech’s esports curriculum is designed to increase student mastery in STEM and STEAM education. Mastering critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills are the keys to the esports billion-dollar industry. PRESSplay!



PressPlay trains gamers to be global leaders and big winners in the esports industry! Students learn how to play games with strategy, through practice and preparation—that’s where the real fun is! We’ve got all the tricks to bring critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills to the game. So go on – press play and start gaming with skills!
PressPlay workshops are led by an esports coach. Learners have the option to join the class virtually or in person.

Find Your Path in the World of Esports

  • Esports Gaming. Student gamers learn to play video games  professionally. Play games, collect, and document data to improve gameplay and build data science skills.
  • Game Design. Learn to program (code) a video game. Learn to plan, build, and design games with gaming software.
  • Story Boarding. Builds writing and creativity. Learn how to develop creative content in gaming and online content.

STEM Saturdays| January 28st – May 27th  2023

  • LOCATION: Freedom Drive – Charlotte, NC
  • COST: $25 Registration
  • AGES: 10 -19
  • SKILL LEVEL: Beginner–Advanced
  • PATH: Professional Gamer, Influencer, Streamer

Esports Benefits


  • Ideal for students who are not interested in traditional athletics, but who want to be a part of a team and learn new skills.
  • Esports players gain social and emotional learning skills while building collaboration and communication skills.
  • Esports is a bridge to STEM, learners analyze data and statistics, review strategies, and become proficient in computer science.

Go on - PRESSplay and Get in the Game!