KNT partners with schools to help teachers incorporate STEM into their existing lessons. We provide teachers with everything they need to access and implement STEM resources in their classrooms, including comprehensive training, easy-to-follow lesson plans, and classroom STEM kits. Sponsoring one school, which serves about 400 students, costs $30,000.


Every month, our STEAM Saturday workshops engage 50 to 75 local students in computer science, creative art,  critical thinking, communication, and teamwork skills. Lunch, materials, and equipment are provided. Workshops are led by volunteer teachers, STEM professionals, and college students. Each Saturday costs $2500 to implement.


As we expand to meet the growing demand for STEM education in Charlotte schools, we seek a sponsor to provide rent, furniture, and supplies for our first year in a physical office space. This space will support our employees and volunteers to work cohesively and effectively to provide high-quality STEM programming to students across the community.


We are always looking for talented professional volunteers with skills in web development, content marketing, digital marketing, social media management, teaching, visual programming, gaming, teacher assistance, grant writing, or administration to join our team. Professional volunteers are expected to serve a minimum of 5 hours per week. Retirees and students are welcome.

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