STEM N Schools™

The STEM N Schools™ program is a collaboration between Kids N Technology, schools, families, and foundations that provide equitable access to STEM education, and deliver high-quality STEM learning experiences that increase students’ proficiency in science and math. With the understanding that school districts are diverse, and each school is unique and requires a personalized approach to learning, STEM N Schools™ is tailored to meet the needs of public, private, and charter schools. We collaborate closely with our school partners to create authentic STEM learning experiences that speak to schools’ demographics, students’ interests, and skill levels.

Our evidenced-based curriculum includes weekly hands-on STEM skill-building activities that students eagerly engage in experience their creative side and challenge their critical thinking skills. Each activity is carefully crafted to be both exciting and educational. Students eagerly immerse themselves in each project, building their skills and knowledge while having a blast.

Each week students are engaged in educational projects that include an exciting range of hands-on STEM activities, from esports and robotics to visual coding, rocketry, storyboarding, animation, art, and so much more! To learn more about our hands-on STEM weekly activities, check out our curriculum page by clicking here!

Educators │Teachers

To bring STEM N Schools to your school or if you are a teacher and would like to gain more experience or get certified to teach hands-on STEM contact us to learn more.

Partners │Sponsors

We welcome the support of foundations, sponsors, and potential partners who share our passion for education and are committed to investing in the future of our youth. Contact us to start building brighter futures through STEM education.

Volunteers │Interns

Are you passionate about STEM education and making a positive impact on youth? We welcome volunteers and college student interns to join us in empowering students in STEM education. Click here to join our team and learn more.

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