Developed by certified STEM educators, Kids N Tech’s STEM Kits empower teachers to create immersive, engaging learning experiences that bring STEM concepts to life. We seamlessly blend traditional learning methods with hands-on activities. 

  • Seamless blend of learning: We combine engaging activity booklets with hands-on STEM projects, seamlessly marrying traditional methods with practical applications.
  • Empowering educators: In addition to real science tools, each kit includes a list of valuable insights and strategies for effectively implementing STEM in any classroom or workshop.
  • Catered to every learner: Each kit features a diverse range of projects, from beginner-friendly tasks to complex challenges, tailored to foster skills in computer science, engineering, and mathematics.
  • Fun and engaging learning: Our comprehensive activity booklets are packed with quizzes, puzzles, and vocabulary-building exercises to keep students motivated and reinforce STEM concepts in a fun way.

Kids N Tech Kits Bring STEM Education to life for teachers and students!

Ignite Student Curiosity & Fuel Their Passion With Kids N Tech's Innovative Kits!




Our technology kits provide educators with everything they need to teach students the basics of coding, and artificial intelligence through fun and engaging activities. Students learn how to create their own games, animations, and other interactive programs. Each kit includes comprehensive, easy-to-follow lesson plans, printable templates,  free resources, and short instructional videos for quick reference.

The BOSS Kits empower girls to learn about chemistry, applied mathematics, and business development through fun and engaging hands-on projects in cosmetics science. Girls conduct experiments, explore scientific concepts, develop a product line, and pitch it to investors. Each kit includes everything girls need to make high-quality commercial cosmetics, including product bases, fragrance oils, and real lab tools.

Kids N Tech’s Engineering Kits empower students to design and build bridges, towers, airplanes, rockets, and catapults using a variety of building tools and materials. Students will explore the principles of aerodynamics, simple machines, and building structures as they complete design challenges. Each kit includes everything students need to get started, including a variety of building materials, step-by-step instructions, and design challenges.

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